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IT Staffing

Our recruiting methodology positions us as both a strategic partner and a service provider. Zenith Infotek works diligently to provide best–of–class and cost effective support to both clients and our consulting talent pool during all stages of the recruiting, staffing, and on-boarding process. We believe that “business as usual” means providing full–scale support for clients and consultants after placement. We actively monitor the performance of our technical professionals and the satisfaction of our customers, ensuring that all stakeholders --clients and candidates--share "common goals".

The recruiting arm of Zenith Infotek regularly conducts candidate searches against a wide array of resources–from social networking media to job fairs–to locate best of breed IT technology experts:


Zenith Infotek state–of–the art, Applicant Tracking system contains more than 1,000,000 resumes that support dynamic staffing requirements down to the lowest of levels.

Our system is keyed and indexed for over 4,000 technical skill categorizations so that we can match candidates to client requirements down to the most detailed minutia.

Zenith Infotek Private Network

Zenith Infotek has access to a first–line talent pool with a quantifiable track record of success and loyalty.

By cultivating a sincere interest in our consultants (past and present), we are able to maintain a deep network of that solidifies the foundation of our recruiting department.

Job Fairs

We regularly utilize job fairs as a way to directly recruit technical talent and create local community–based networks.

Social Networking

Zenith Infotek conducts data mining operations against social networking sites such as Linkedin.com and Facebook in order to better identify and procure IT talent.